Andrea Mantegna and Giovanni Bellini, the subject of a National Gallery exhibition, were brothers-in-law, and among the most celebrated painters of their day. While Mantegna's Paduan origins and subsequent career at the Gonzaga court in Mantua fuelled his interest in classical antiquity, Bellini's Venetian background conditioned his feeling for colour and light. This lecture explores the intriguing artistic relationship of these two renaissance giants, often seen in contrast to one another, but who in fact shared much common ground.


Paula Nuttall - Director of V&A Medieval and Renaissance Year Course. Paula specialises in Renaissance art, both Italian and northern European, on which she has published widely, notably ‘From Flanders to Florence’ and ‘The Impact of Netherlandish Painting 1400-1500’. She has collaborated on major exhibitions including Jan van Eyck ‘An Optical Revolution’ and has lectured at the Courtauld Institute and the British Institute of Florence.